Geared Mechanical Inc. Is a Portland based contractor with an emphasis in Industrial/Commercial metal trades. The dedicated team has established a distinctive reputation in the construction industry by consistently upholding a high standard of safety, quality, and exceptional customer relations


To most contractors, safety is a constant challenge similar to other aspects of running a successful business.. However, there's a big difference in how a company thinks and behaves when safety is a value as opposed to just a program or a customer requirement. A company that has safety as a core value has safety culture. This means that safety has become a way of life, and this is what sets us apart from all our competitors. At GMI, safety is our top priority and the center of our core values.

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Committed To Safety

Who We Are:

  • Real-time, daily & weekly job site inspections with documentation.
  • ​Prompt and thorough investigations of every loss to determine cause and to take corrective orders.
  • ​Pre-job and pre-task planning with safety superintendents.

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We are committed to providing a safe working environment for all of our employees, clients, and the public. GMI is ISN and BROWZ certified and always up to date with the latest and highest safety standards. We are your reliable contractor because we live by the following safety program:

  • Full-time safety and OSHA trained project management team.
  • Comprehensive computer-based training accessible to all employees.
  • Extensive 3-day new hire orientation.
  • Pre-hire, random and post accident drug testing for all GMI employees.