Geared Mechanical provides skilled labor and routine maintenance services to supplement customer needs. Call us today and we will help you reduce your maintenance budget by identifying areas to improve reliability. If you need turnaround support, give us a try - we won't let you down. Serving both new and existing facilities, Geared Mechanical is a provider of millwright services, handling new equipment installation and machinery and facility upgrades, specializing in rotating equipment including pumps, blowers, gearboxes, valves, conveyors, compressors, etc. We cover all steps, from project planning to rigging, leveling and lagging of all equipment, as well as welding and fabrication and maintenance services. Our Millwrights are equipped to provide all installation and upgrade services with both efficiency and the care required for expensive machinery. Just a few of the types of systems and equipment we install include: pumps, blowers, gearboxes, turbines, conveyor systems, cooling towers, generators. In addition, we work with boom lifts, flatbeds, forklifts, scissor lifts, steel and swivel dollies, and plasma cutters. Whatever the needs of your facility are, we can meet them.

Reduce Your Maintenance Budget